Jody Zarr has been peddling quilting materials from the main street of Staunton, Illinois for the last 12 or 13 years - she is not sure exactly since she has been in a business of crafting and teaching people new skills for over 27 years.  At this point, if she forgets a little bit - you understand that her history is long.. longer than a long arm. 


Each day at the quilt store is a new adventure in finding just the right pattern, the right fabric, and the creative urge to make something that no one else can.. your own quilt.  It begins a history for the quilter in which their heart and soul are stitched into a piece that will follow them or the person for whom they "quilted" it for the rest of their life.. but only if they truly take care of the quilt.


Even if you never thought about quilting before, visiting the Mini Mall Quilt Shop will open new avenues for your creative urges from really tiny projects all the way up to a king size quilt.  If you never step in, you don't know what you are missing.. we hope to hear the bell ring on the door soon because you decided to come visit ..


Once the top of a quilt is pieced, the store can help you connect with a long arm quilter to finish your quilt, as hand quilting is not quite as popular as it used to be, takes a lot of time, and sore fingers and a long arm quilter can return your prize to you with the finest of designs. 


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